10x20 Mini Barn

10×20 Mini Barn




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Rockford, MI

Mini Barn

10 x 20


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Call 231-832-1299 for low monthly price.

Price: $3,876. 36 ($62 to $180 per month). Includes shipping to Zone 2. Discount available for customers in Zone 1 (West Michigan).
Color: Honey Gold with Charcoal Gray metal roof

This 10×20 Mini Barn was hand-built by skilled Horse & Buggy carpenters who use only the best materials and techniques. It comes with a beautiful Charcoal Gray metal roof. Pre-made and ready-to-ship today! Call 231-832-1299 and ask for inventory #20MBCH1020-0517-38.

Want an extra window or different roof color? No problem! This unit is ready to ship today, but a new structure can be custom built to your specifications.  Customize this model.