12x32 Garage

12×32 Portable Garage




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Evart, MI

Portable Garage

12 x 32


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$342 x 36 months (estimated) $307 x 48 months (estimated) $284 x 60 months (estimated) Call 231-832-1299 for more information.

Size: 12×32 (384 sq/ft)
List price: $6,966

Size: 384 sq/ft
Rent-to-Own: $342 x 36 months (estimated)
Rent-to-Own: $307 x 48 months (estimated)
Rent-to-Own: $284 x 60 months (estimated)

Roof: Pewter metal (40-year)

Pre-made, foreman approved, and ready to ship

Winter is coming and this portable storage garage is ready to ship. Handmade by skilled Amish craftsmen who use only the highest quality materials and techniques, this garage is designed to hold up to the harshest weather a Michigan winter can throw at it.

Ready to ship today! Call 231-832-1299 and ask for inventory #HS-GRCH1232-0917-27.

Want an extra window or different roof color? No problem! This unit is ready to ship today, but a new structure can be custom built to your specifications.