12×20 Side Porch Cabin




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Grand Rapids, MI

Side Porch Cabin

12 x 20


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Burgundy metal roof, ready-to-ship.

Looking for a home office, art studio, or potting shed? This light-filled structure is cozy, practical, and handmade by skilled Amish craftsmen who use only the highest quality materials and techniques.

We typically build side porch cabins with a garage door, but with this custom version, we opted for extra windows instead. Michiganders will also love the low-maintenance metal roof designed to hold up to the harshest weather a Michigan winter can throw at it.

Ready to ship today! Call 231-832-1299 and ask for inventory #10SPCBU1220-0817-03.

Want an extra window or different roof color? No problem! This unit is ready to ship today, but a new structure can be custom built to your specifications.  Click here to customize this model.