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Take a moment to think about what type of building would be the most beneficial for you, what features are essential to your intended purpose and what features would make your life easier. View our building options, sizing, customization features and finally what colors you think would look best.


Site Prep

It is important to consider site preparation before purchasing your portable storage shed. Please consider the following questions.

Where is the best spot for my structure?

The location of the structure will depend on the type of structure or what it is being used for.

For example: A shed containing garden tools and lawn equipment might be placed close to a garden area, a portable garage next to a driveway, and cabin on a secluded place on your property. Once you’ve determined the location, it’s time to evaluate the ground.

How level is the ground?

The more level the ground, the less site preparation needed. If the ground varies for (0”-5”), in most cases, no additional preparation is required. Quality Structures uses blocking to ensure a level building. If your site tends to have more than a 6” slope, additional material is recommended.

Build Your Structure

Select your building type, your desired dimensions and the customization options you want.

Did you know that 70% of our customers “customize” their structure? At Quality Structures, we offer a large and affordable selection of ways to improve your shed, cabin, or garage.

You will receive live cost estimates as you add each feature. These estimates are subject to change, as some customization options may vary case to case.

The payment amount is due at time of order.


Quality Delivery with Experience

We have an experienced delivery crew that is both professional and courteous. They will do everything within their power to prevent damage to your building before it arrives or while getting it into place. They have experience overcoming challenging situations. They can also advise you both in matters of location as well as in appearance. If a problem does come up, they can usually deal with it right then.

The Delivery Mule

When delivery is impossible with our pickup we use our Mule. If the ground is too soft or the site is too tight we use this handy delivery tool. It greatly reduces yard damage and helps us be more efficient. We place the Mule at one end of the building and we put flotation tires under the other end. We can then drive the Mule around your yard and into your site.

Delivery Guidelines

1. Make sure there is enough room for us to maneuver around and put the structure in your desired location. Our delivery trucks are 18’ long and the special trailers are either 36’ or 40’ in length. We need 80’ to 90’ in length depending on what trailer is used. The path to get to your location should be free from trees, shrubs, power lines and septic tanks. The overall width should be at least 4’ wider than your building, and at least 16″ inches height clearance.

2. When you’re called for a delivery appointment, be sure to let the delivery manager know how it should be loaded on the trailer to make the delivery process speedy.

Quality Structures LLC is not responsible for any damage that might occur to your property during delivery.

Customer Feedback

We like to hear from our customers after delivery & ample time to truly enjoy your Quality Structure. Let us know about your ordering experience, delivery and/or how your new mini building experience has been! Leave feedback by submitting a review here, or review us on our Facebook!