Deluxe Horse & Tack Barn


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The Deluxe Horse and Tack Barn is a multipurpose structure built for long-term durability, convenience, and great looks. Like luxury goods, it’s the small touches that stand out, and with this structure, it’s all about the eaves. On the front and gables, you’ll get a 12″ overhang and another 6″ overhang in the back. That extra shelter looks classy, and when it rains or snows, gives comfort to both people and ponies alike.

Standard options include 8×7 opening, 2×6 tongue and groove kickboard, metal siding with a 40-year warranty, no sharp edges, all screw construction (ie. no nails), and (x4) 30″ anchors. The tack room is 8′ x width of the building and comes with a standard 3×7 cedar tack room door, treated plywood flooring, and lock.

A vented ridge (standard) allows air circulation, and you can hook your tractor to one of (4) pulling brackets for easy moving and cleaning. Our handmade doors will keep your tack safe, and our treated lumber will keep it dry. If you’re a cowboy or cowgirl who likes a little extra luxury, you’ll love this barn!

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