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Storage Sheds in Michigan

Are you fed up with too much stuff in the backyard? Need some weather protection for your gardening tools or patio furniture? Are you simply out of space for everything in the house? We get it, life is messy sometimes.  Fortunately, you have the power to fix that! We hand build the highest quality storage buildings for reasonable prices. Don’t settle for poor craftsmanship and high prices, be a winner with our outstanding selection of wood sheds made with care right here in Michigan! Check out the outstanding models we offer!

portable Cottage Shed

Cottage Shed in Michigan

Are you thinking of turning your backyard into a getaway place or just want a more unique look to your portable storage building? Add both class and utility to your backyard by decorating it with a cottage shed. The best part is that the Cottage Shed is not just beautiful… It is built to last!

portable storage buildings for sale in michigan by quality structures

Garden Shed in Michigan

Our garden shed, sometimes known as a gable shed, is a modern-looking storage building with clean, simple design lines. The garden shed blends into nearly any landscape with ease. The simple interior layout is easy to customize with windows, doors, and shelves. 

portable storage mini barn for sale in michigan

Mini Barn in Michigan

Need a quality storage barn to help you declutter your garden or backyard? Do you prefer a shed with a classic barn-style appearance? The Mini Barn Shed is a great way to add space without breaking the bank. Our Mini Barn storage shed is built of high-quality materials that will withstand whatever Michigan weather throws at it.

lofted barn wooden portable storage building for sale near big rapids mi

Lofted Barn in Michigan

The Lofted Barn Shed is ideal if you are in need of a lot of extra space.  The classic barn-style roof gives you tons of headroom and space to add up to two lofts on either end if you desire. The lofted barn is a win-win when you need a lot of space and you love a style that carries a bit of nostalgia with it.

lofted portable storage building for sale near reed city mi

Lofted Garden Shed in Michigan

The Lofted Garden Shed is similar to the Lofted barn but positions the main double doors to the side instead of the end. This is advantageous if you would like to add a garage door to one of the ends, or are simply in need of a better layout of your interior storage. This model looks great oriented lengthwise in your backyard or garden.

she shed storage sheds for sale in evart michigan

She Shed in Michigan

Like the sound of a quiet environment with soft colors and comfy furnishings just for you? What if you could have space set aside just for you… a whole room separate from the distractions and messes that so often happen in the house.  The She Shed is the perfect space for hobbies like art, crafts, and writing, hanging out with your friends, or just simply being you! This model also makes an exceptionally beautiful garden shed!

utility portable storage building for sale in cadillac mi

Utility Shed in Michigan

If cost is the biggest factor for you in purchasing a portable storage building, then the Utility Shed is for you.  The Utility Shed offers an economical storage solution for all your lawn equipment, tools, tote bins etc… ideal for anyone who simply needs a safe way to store all of their extra belongings. They are not only affordable, they are also built to last!

Quality Structures is a place where high-quality hardware and Amish craftsmanship come together to yield an amazing product that is guaranteed to last. We strive to offer the best premade & custom-built portable sheds, cabins, barns, and garages in Michigan!

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