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Horse Stalls | 53 Must-Have Items

horse stalls in grand rapids mi

Nothing beats an afternoon of horseback riding.  But, as you head back to the stalls, you ask yourself, “Am I caring for my horse correctly?” That may be a tricky question to answer because people have differing opinions. In this article, we are listing the things that we think you should have in your horse stall to make sure that you are caring properly for your majestic creature.

Horse Stalls | What Does My Horse Need?

What does a horse need for a healthy existence?  Most of what complements a happy horse life is in one of the following five categories.

Food and Water

To provide food and water for a horse, you need to ensure a balanced diet of high-quality forage and feed. Offer fresh, clean water at all times, providing a sturdy water bucket replenished regularly. Hay should be provided to mimic grazing behavior, and concentrates should be tailored to the horse’s age, activity level, and health needs. Overall, a horse should follow similar rules that humans follow:  fresh water and non-contaminated food that provides proper nutrition. 


horse stall barns in saginaw mi

To provide shelter, ensure that your horse is safe and comfortable. This can be done with a traditional box stall, open-air shelter, or stall-and-run arrangement, depending on the horse’s needs and the local climate. The shelter should protect the horse from rain, wind, and extreme temperatures. Proper ventilation is crucial to prevent condensation and maintain air quality.  We at Quality Structures are dedicated to providing you with an animal shelter that will serve your needs for years to come.


horse care in your horse stall in cadillac mi

Establish a routine veterinary care schedule that includes regular check-ups, vaccinations, and dental exams. Any severe signs of illness should be seen promptly by a veterinarian. There are some other things that you can do for wellness management. Maintain a deworming program to prevent parasites, as well as regular hoof trimming or shoeing.  Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and grooming contribute to overall health. As time goes by, you will be able to monitor your horse’s health by noticing its behavior and making adjustments.  


Physical exercise is crucial to the overall fitness of your animal. It is important to spend time engaging in workouts that stimulate all the horse’s muscles. The level of exercise needed varies depending on the shelter you have. If your horse is in an open-air environment, it can move around on its own to get some of that exercise in, although it is a good idea to still go on rides. If your horse is sequestered in a regular box stall, you must be more intentional about regularly working out with your horse. We recommend that you have a scheduled routine that you go through 3-5 days a week. Here are some ideas on how to start exercising with your horse.  

Social Interaction

social interaction in horse stalls near big rapids mi

Stemming from herd instincts, horses are social animals that thrive on companionship, engaging in grooming, playing, and mutual protection. Isolation can lead to loneliness, anxiety, and even behavioral issues. Interaction with other horses fosters mental well-being, reducing stress and promoting a sense of security. Provide opportunities for your horse to engage socially, whether through turnout with pasture mates or neighboring horses. This interaction will promote a healthy lifestyle for your horse. 

What Is The Right Horse Stall Shelter For You?

horse stall shelter in reed city mi

Which horse stall shelter is the right fit for you? Horse shelters come in various designs to cater to the specific needs of equine well-being while also accommodating different management styles and environmental considerations. Here, we’ll look at three distinct types of horse shelters: open-air shelters, traditional stables, and stall-and-run shelters. 

Horse Stall | Open-Air Shelters

open air horse stall shelter in marion mi

Open-air shelters, also known as run-in sheds or loafing sheds, offer horses a semi-enclosed space while allowing them to experience the outdoors. These shelters typically have a three-sided design, protecting from the elements while offering an open front for easy access and egress. They are particularly suited for milder climates where extreme weather conditions are less of a concern. The open design encourages natural ventilation and social interactions between horses.

Additionally, open-air shelters allow horses to move in and out freely, promoting exercise and natural grazing behaviors. If you have one or two horses in your pasture, this is definitely the style you are looking for. At Quality Structures, we have several Amish-made open-air horse stall shelters available for you to browse. 

Horse Stall | Traditional Stables

horse stalls in horse stables near mt pleasant mi

If you have many horses or do not have a place to pasture your horse, a traditional stable may be the right fit for you. Often, stables have an area with multiple box stalls beside each other. These enclosed spaces offer individual living quarters for each horse, ensuring privacy and a controlled environment. They allow for precise feeding, monitoring, and personalized care.

Box stalls are ideal for horses requiring specific diets, medications, or extra attention. However, they might necessitate more space and upkeep, and some horses may exhibit negative stall-related behaviors due to limited movement.

Horse Stall | Stall-and-Run Shelters

horse stalls with paddock in evart mi

Stall-and-run shelters combine the benefits of a traditional stall with the added advantage of an attached outdoor run or paddock. Horses can move freely between the stall and the run, giving them a choice of environments. This setup is particularly valuable for horses that benefit from additional space for movement and exercise.

The stall offers a secure and comfortable resting place, while the run allows horses to graze, socialize, and engage in natural behaviors. Stall-and-run shelters offer a balanced blend of protection and freedom, making them suitable for various climates. However, the outdoor space must be carefully designed to ensure the safety and security of the horses.

53 Must-Have Items in your Horse Stall

horse stall and tack room near belding mi

Once you have decided what horse stall you need, the logical next question is, “What is necessary to keep in my horse stall shelter?” People have differing opinions, so we have created a comprehensive list of 53 must-have items for your horse stall. You may need most or all of these items, depending on your situation. 

1.) Horse Stall Bedding

bedding for horse stalls in greenville mi

Quality bedding offers comfort and cleanliness for your horse, whether using straw, pellets, or wood shavings. It prevents sores and promotes restful sleep. Invest in proper horse stall bedding to create a cozy haven in the stall.

2.) Horse Stall Mat

Rubber mats provide cushioning and support for your horse. It reduces strain on joints and prevents slipping. By placing rubber mats along with bedding, you prioritize your horse’s safety and comfort, creating a secure and stable environment (pun intended 😊).

3.) Horse Stall Waterer

Having to haul water to and from the horse stall can be a real pain. An automatic waterer guarantees continuous water availability. This prevents dehydration and saves time on refilling buckets. However, a bucket will work as well.  The important thing is to make sure your horse has access to fresh water.

4.) Horse Stall Feeder

An automatic feeder offers timed and controlled feeding in your horse stall. It ensures consistent meal portions and prevents overeating. With an automatic feeder, you can manage your horse’s diet effectively, promoting optimal nutrition and weight management.

5.) Portable Feeding Trough For Horse Stalls

A portable feeding trough offers convenience during travel or events. It provides a familiar feeding setup wherever you go. A portable trough can also be a good option if your horses are in a large pasture and you like to feed them outside.

6.) Hay Rack For Horse Stalls

hay rack for horse stalls in rockford mi

A feed hay rack minimizes waste and promotes slow eating, providing a better option than on the floor or in a trough. A hay rack is your ticket to an easy feeding solution and prevents your horse from turning dinner into its bed. Take a look at some of our animal shelters to see where you want to put your hay rack.

7.) Salt Block For Horse Stalls

A salt block supplements essential minerals that support hydration, muscle function, and overall health. By providing a salt block, you ensure your horse receives vital nutrients and maintains optimal health. Most local feed stores have salt blocks available for sale.

8.) Mineral Supplements For Horse Stalls

Mineral supplements bridge nutritional gaps. They ensure your horse receives crucial elements like calcium and zinc. Integrating a mineral supplement into your horse’s diet promotes bone health, immune function, and overall wellness. They can be found in a block form, similar to a salt block, that can be placed in your stall area.

9.) Horse Stall Grooming Kit

A grooming kit fosters bonding and cleanliness. It maintains your horse’s coat and hooves in top condition, keeping your horse looking top-notch. By using a horse stall grooming kit, you strengthen your relationship with your horse while ensuring their physical well-being.

10.) Horse Stall Hoof Pick

hoof pick for horse stall in cedar springs mi

A hoof pick maintains hoof health. It prevents debris and promotes sound hooves. Regular use of a hoof pick sustains your horse’s comfort and prevents potential issues caused by neglect.

11.) Horse Stall First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is your safety net for emergencies, providing immediate care for injuries. Having a comprehensive first aid kit on hand demonstrates your commitment to being prepared for prompt and effective treatment. Whether it is for you or your horse.

12.)  Horse Stall Medical Supplies

Medical supplies, beyond the first aid kit, are essential for prompt and proper care when needed. These kits address minor injuries and prevent complications. Having medical supplies on hand ensures your horse’s safety and comfort in case of a scratch or bruise, and can save you a sum of money by addressing the issue before it becomes major.

13.)  Horse Stall Fly Spray

Let’s be honest no one likes swatting flies away. The fly spray keeps insects at bay, preventing irritation and disease transmission to your horses. Using fly spray prioritizes your horse’s comfort and health, making outdoor activities more enjoyable for the both of you.

 14.) Horse Stall Tack Rack 

tack rack for horse stall in grand rapids mi

To keep your tack nice and damage-free, use a tack rack to organize your equipment in your horse stall tack room. You prolong the lifespan of your gear and create a functional and tidy space by using a tack rack.

15.)  Horse Stall Blanket

horse blanket for horse stall in sand lake mi

A horse stall blanket offers weather protection, keeping your horse warm and dry. Providing a blanket ensures your horse’s comfort, particularly during harsh weather conditions. You can rest better yourself, knowing your horse is taken care of. 

16.) Horse Stall Guard

If you have several horses in a stable, a stall guard enhances ventilation and interaction. Your horses will receive more stimulation by getting closer to each other without being out in a pasture. Using a stall guard creates a more open and inviting stall environment.

17.)  Horse Stall Plate

A stall plate identifies your horse’s space, adding a personal touch and assisting in easy recognition. A stall plate showcases your horse’s identity and enhances the organized appearance of your barn. Who knows, maybe you can get your horse to recognize their nameplate and put themselves in the stall.

18.) Horse Stall Hay Net

A hay net is similar to a feeding rack and promotes slow eating and prevents wasting hay. Use a hay net in your horse stall to keep your horse from overeating, as it actually mimics the natural foraging behaviors of grazing horses.  Because there is more challenge to eat the hay, a hay net can reduce boredom for your horse as well. A similar product that essentially does the same thing would be a hay bag. 

19.) Horse Stall Vet Wrap

Vet wrap is a versatile first-aid tool for a variety of situations. It helps to secure dressings and provide support. Keeping a vet wrap on hand in your horse stall prepares you for quick and effective injury care.

20.)  Halter And Lead Rope For Horse Stalls

lead rope for horse stalls in lake city mi

To assist with control and safety, a halter and lead rope are fundamental for handling your horse during various activities. You establish a strong and secure connection when using a halter and lead rope. No matter where you go, you can be confident that you can handle your horse with ease.

21.) Horse Stall Toy

A stall toy combats boredom and stress, offering mental stimulation and alleviating undesirable behaviors. Prioritizing your horse’s contentment and emotional well-being is of the utmost importance. Take a look at how larger our Horse Shelters are; you may be surprised how large of a stall toy can fit in this space!

22.) Muck Bucket For Horse Stalls

A muck bucket is essential for efficient stall cleaning. It makes waste collection and disposal quick and hygienic, maintaining a pristine environment for your horse. Invest in a durable muck bucket to streamline daily chores and ensure your horse’s comfort.

23.) Manure Fork For Horse Stalls

A manure fork is your ally in maintaining cleanliness. It easily sifts through bedding, separating waste from clean material. By promptly removing manure, you prevent odors, flies, and potential health hazards. With a manure fork, your horse’s stall remains a comfortable haven.

24.) Wheelbarrow For Horse Stalls

wheelbarrow for horse stalls in copernish mi

A wheelbarrow streamlines stall maintenance. It effortlessly transports bedding, hay, and supplies, taking the load off your shoulders and back. With a well-designed wheelbarrow, you save time and effort, making daily tasks smoother while enhancing the efficiency of your barn routines. 

25.)  Shovel For Horse Stalls

A shovel completes your stall-cleaning toolkit. It helps remove bedding, spillage, and large debris efficiently. A clean stall is vital for your horse’s well-being, and a quality shovel ensures the task is both effortless and effective.

26.) Fire Extinguisher For Horse Stalls

A fire extinguisher is a safety essential. Horse stall fires can be catastrophic, endangering your horse’s life and your property. Having a readily accessible fire extinguisher empowers you to respond swiftly to emergencies, providing an extra layer of protection for your equine companion. A great place to keep your fire extinguisher is in the tack room of your deluxe horse and tack barn.

27.)  Hay Bale Cover For Horse Stalls

hay in horse stalls in mio mi

A hay bale cover preserves hay quality, shielding from moisture, dust, and pests, and ensuring your horse receives nutritious and clean forage. Investing in a hay bale cover demonstrates your commitment to providing top-tier nutrition for your horse.

28.)  Horse Stall Deodorizer

A stall deodorizer enhances air quality in the stall. It neutralizes odors, creating a fresher and more pleasant environment. Your horse deserves clean air just as much as clean bedding. Start being the stall that people notice in the best way possible!

29.) Horse Stall Lunging Equipment

horse lunging for horse stalls ion grand rapids mi

Lunging equipment facilitates exercise and training. Because lunging enables your horse to stretch its muscles, learn commands, and expend energy, incorporating it into your routine cultivates physical fitness and mental stimulation, ensuring a happier and more responsive equine partner. Get a lunging line in order to keep your horse in good health.

30.) Horse Stall Mirror

A mirror for your horse to see itself offers visual stimulation and mental engagement and reduces loneliness by mimicking companionship. A horse stall mirror creates a happier and more content horse, enhancing the horses’ well-being even when they cannot run around.

31.)  Horse Stall Fly Mask

fly mask for horse stalls in cadillac mi

A fly mask protects your horse’s eyes and face from pesky insects. Which ultimately prevents irritation, infections, and sunburn, assuring your horse’s comfort during turnout. Invest in a high-quality fly mask for short-term relief and long-term eye health.

32.) Grazing Muzzle For Horse Stalls

A grazing muzzle moderates your horse’s grass intake, managing weight and preventing overconsumption. It supports a healthier diet, especially for horses prone to obesity or metabolic issues. A grazing muzzle allows your horse to enjoy turnout while maintaining their fitness.

33.) Horse Stall Chain

A stall chain offers controlled ventilation and interaction for your equine, especially if you have multiple horses. It lets your horses extend their reach, creating a healthier and more engaging stall environment. Your horses can see each other, giving them limited social interaction even in a stable environment. A stall chain ensures your horse feels connected to the surroundings, even while inside.

34.) Horse Stall Divider

A stall divider optimizes space and provides separation. If you have multiple horses sharing spaces, a horse stall divider can be helpful to give a horse its own defined area if the need arises. A stall divider promotes peace and minimizes stress for you and your horses.

35.) Tack Cleaning Supplies For Horse Stalls

cleaning horse tack for horse stalls in buckley mi

Not only does cleaning your tack maintain your equipment’s longevity and functionality, but it also makes sure that your horse is comfortable and safe during rides. Get the correct cleaning supplies for your horse stall to conveniently and efficiently clean your tack. 

36.) Adequate Lighting For Horse Stalls

Adequate lighting is crucial for safety and comfort. It prevents accidents, aids visibility, and sets a welcoming atmosphere. Well-lit stalls make sure that both you and your horse navigate the space confidently, promoting a secure and enjoyable environment. If you are looking for a horse stall that comes with more lighting naturally, we recommend the Lofted Horse and Tack Barn. This structure comes with a larger opening allowing more light to come in.

37.)  Horse Stall Broom

A broom is a daily essential for stall cleanliness. It clears away dust, cobwebs, and debris, creating a neat and inviting space for your horse. With a quality broom, maintaining a tidy stall becomes effortless and rewarding.

38.)  Horse Stall Calendar

It can be difficult to remember everything; a stall calendar keeps you organized and informed, tracking feeding, turnout, and healthcare routines. A clear schedule verifies your horse’s needs are consistently met, fostering a well-structured and attentive care regimen. 

39.) Horse Stall Boot Scraper

boot scraper for horse stalls in farwell mi

A boot scraper is a practical addition to your horse stall entrance. It keeps dirt and mud from being tracked inside, maintaining cleanliness. A boot scraper promotes hygiene and tidiness, preventing contamination of the stall area.

40.)  Horse Stall Lock

lock for horse stall in standish mi

A horse stall lock gives you peace of mind, offering security and control. It assists in your horse’s safety and prevents unauthorized access, which can help you rest, knowing your horse is secure and protected.

41.)  Horse Stall Thermometer

A stall thermometer monitors the temperature, aiding you in providing a comfortable atmosphere for your horses.  You can prevent overheating or exposure to cold by keeping you aware of the actual temperature. A horse stall thermometer is necessary to ensure your horse’s comfort throughout changing weather conditions.

42.)  Horse Stall Fans

barn fans for horse stall in gladwin mi

Make sure that your horse is comfortable by regulating temperature and air circulation with stall fans. They prevent heat stress and respiratory issues, making the stall a pleasant refuge. Invest in horse stall fans to provide a cool and refreshing atmosphere for your equine friend. With a fan holder, you can use normal fans to cool your horse shelter.

43.)  Dust Control For Horse Stalls

dust control for horse stalls in allendale mi

Dust control enhances air quality and respiratory health. It reduces the risk of respiratory issues caused by dust particles. By investing in dust control measures, you prioritize your horse’s lung health as well as your own and create a cleaner horse stall and arena environment. 

44.) Horse Stall Hose and Nozzle

A hose and nozzle simplify stall cleaning and watering tasks. Filling buckets and cleaning the horse stall becomes efficient and convenient when you have the right equipment. A hose and nozzle save time and effort, making barn chores more manageable.

45.)  Horse Stall Curtains

During the summer, stall curtains offer privacy and shade, allowing you to create a cozy and inviting stall ambiance, ensuring your horse has a comfortable retreat. When it is cold, curtains could also be used to keep your horse a bit warmer.

46.) Horse Stall Heater

To prevent many issues such as discomfort, frostbite, and respiratory issues, install a heater to maintain warmth in your horse stall during colder months. Additionally, your horse will use less food if it is not burning lots of calories to stay warm. A stall heater ensures your horse enjoys a cozy and snug environment all year round.

47.) Horse Stall Speaker System

speakers for horse stall in alma mi

To reduce stress and create a serene atmosphere, install a speaker system in your horse stall to play soothing music or calming sounds. This will promote relaxation and helps your horse feel at ease in the stall, making a pleasant atmosphere for you as well. We recommend that you use an all-weather speaker in your Deluxe Horse Barn so that no matter the elements, your horses can enjoy the sound.

48.) Horse Stall Plaques or Decorations

Stall plaques or decorations personalize your horse’s space. They add a touch of charm and identity, creating a welcoming atmosphere. Decorate your horse’s stall to make it uniquely theirs and showcase your care and dedication.

49.) Reflective Gear

Reflective gear increases safety during low-light conditions. And helps you be seen coming out of the stall for an early morning ride or when getting back in late. By equipping your horse with reflective gear, you prioritize their safety and reduce the risk of accidents.

50.) Horse Stall Absorbent

In your horse stall, wet bedding can be a problem that must be addressed immediately. To help you out when new bedding is not readily available, we recommend stall absorbent. We recommend you keep some stall absorbent available to help dry out the bedding as quickly as possible. This way, you can go and get your new bedding to make your horse as comfortable as possible.

51.) Horse Stall Blanket Rack

blanket for horse stall in sterling mi

A horse blanket rack organizes your horse’s wardrobe, preventing clutter and maintaining blanket condition. A blanket rack guarantees your horse’s wardrobe stays organized, and you can quickly make sure that they’re snug and cozy whenever the weather demands it.

52.) Horse Stall Camera

camera for horse stall in beaverton mi

A camera in the stall offers remote surveillance and lets you monitor your horse’s well-being from a distance. A horse stall camera keeps you connected to your horse, even when you’re not physically present. You can check in anytime or anywhere.

53.) Misting System For Horse Stalls

A misting system provides relief from hot weather, making the horse stall a cooler haven. Invest in a misting system, so your horse stays comfortable during the scorching temperatures of summer. Who knows, maybe you will end up hanging out in the stall with them a bit longer.

Where Can I Get a Horse Stall Shed?

horse stall in michigan

If you have all or most of these items in your horse stall, you most likely are dedicated to your horse and are doing your best to care for your equine friend. You may be starting out and looking for a structure to house your horse, or you may be adding another horse and need more space. Whatever the situation, Quality Structures is here to help you fill that need.  Check out our inventory or learn more about our Amish-made animal shelters!

Choose your design & select your options

and receive A live price for your structure from A Quality Michigan shed builder