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Amish Built Sheds | Answering Your Questions

amish built sheds for rent to own in mi

When you think of purchasing a shed, you want to ensure that your shed is built from high-quality materials. Amish-built sheds are a great way to purchase the quality you need at a reasonable price point. However, the internet has little information as to what Amish-built sheds actually are. To help you figure out what Amish-built sheds are all about, we have compiled a list of answers to the internet’s most asked questions about Amish-built sheds. So without further ado, let’s begin answering your questions about Amish-built sheds. 

amish built sheds in mi

What is an Amish shed?

A true Amish-built shed is a shed that is constructed, finished, and sold by an Amish builder. An Amish-built shed is designed and built with high-quality materials that are able to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, as of late, the shed market has been flooded with the term “Amish-built shed.” In some cases, other Amish shed building companies do what we do, create high-quality sheds that are built by the Amish.  However, other shed builders have begun to use the term Amish-built shed to signify a style of shed that they build, and those sheds are not truly an Amish-built shed.

amish built sheds with vinyl siding

Why do Amish Build Sheds?

The primary reason that the Amish build sheds are to provide a living for their families. Many of the Amish-built shed styles come from a relatively small family business.  Multiple people from the family are able to be involved in the process.  So if you truly love to buy local, purchasing an Amish-built shed is a great way to help a local family thrive while getting a quality product.

amish built sheds in michigan

What Are Amish Built Sheds Made Of?

When you are looking to purchase an Amish-built shed, there are a wide range of materials that can be used. A quality Amish shed builder will use top-of-the-line materials to ensure that all of their products can stand the test of time. Commonly used products for an Amish-built shed are

Sheet Metal


Rolling Metal Garage Doors 

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Windows

Pressure Treated Lumber

Plywood Flooring

The combination of these products allows for your Amish-built shed to be high quality, long-lasting, and look stunning!

amish built wooden sheds near reed city mi

How Long Will An Amish Built Shed Last?

An Amish-built shed will last at least 20 years and possibly more if well maintained. There are several reasons why an Amish-built shed will last so long compared to other kinds of pre-built sheds. However, the foremost reason an Amish-built shed will last as long as it does is the superior quality of materials used to construct the shed.

wooden build amish sheds for slae in mi

How Much Do Amish Sheds Cost?

An Amish-built shed will cost you anywhere from $3,500 up to $26,000*. Multiple factors go into how much your Amish-built shed will cost you. There are three main factors that go into determining your shed’s cost.

amish built sheds in northern mi

Amish-Built Shed | Sizing

amish built sheds near big rapids

A high-quality Amish Shed builder will offer multiple sizes for your shed. By offering a variety of shed sizes, you will be able to select the best option for your needs. At Quality Structures, we offer the following sizes of Amish-built sheds

8′ Wide Amish Built Shed Sizes
10′ Wide Amish Built Shed Sizes
12′ Wide Amish Built Shed Sizes
14′ Wide Amish Built Shed Sizes
16′ Wide Amish Built Shed Sizes

Amish Built Shed | Add-ons

amish built sheds in hersey mi

One of the wonderful things about Amish-built sheds is all of the features that you can add to them! These features can really make or break the usability of your shed. Some of the most common add-ons features that we have supplied  our clients are

Roll Up Doors


Entry Ramps

Work Benches


Insulated flooring

If you like, you could have all of these features added to your shed. Just keep in mind that adding these features to your Amish-built shed will increase the overall cost of your shed.

Are Amish Built Sheds Worth The Money?

amish made cabins for sale in mi

Yes, Amish-built sheds are worth the money. The primary reason that Amish-built sheds are worth the money is that they can easily be customized to fit your needs. An Amish-built shed can be custom fitted to fit the needs you have, from simple storage shed to an extravagant man cave or she-shed.

Do Amish-shed builders make other kinds of buildings?

Amish-shed makers typically have multiple types of buildings that they construct. At quality Structures, we take the integrity used to create our Amish-built sheds and construct these other amazing structures.

Amish-Built | Cabins

amish built shed cabins for sale in mi

When you are looking for high-quality Amish-built sheds taken to the residential level, the portable shed cabin is just what you are looking for. These cabins are built, just like our sheds, and will leave you STUNNED at the workmanship.

Amish-Built | Garages

amish built garages for sale in mi

Some people need a place to store their cars, boat, or other recreational vehicles. The Amish-built garages that we offer give you the ability to customize your garage’s features. From the interior features of your garage all the way up to its size of it, your portable Amish-built garage fits the needs you have!

Amish-Built | Animal Shelters

amish built shed animal shelters

An Amish-built buildings is also a great way to go if you need quality animal housing. At Quality Structures, we have taken our shed craftsmanship and created high-quality Animal Shelters for your horses, cows, camels, ostriches, alpacas, or whatever animal they may be. We have a solution for you. 


Selecting the right kind of shed is essential to your storage needs. At Quality structures, we offer high-quality Amish-built sheds. By partnering with a company like ours, you get the advantage of sitting in the designer’s chair and telling us how we can serve you. You already know what you need. Let us help you bring that environment to life! So fill out a quote form, give us a call, or view our existing inventory. No matter what you do, we are sure that you will love the shed you choose

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