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Portable Cabins In Michigan

Imagine, if you will, that every weekend you leave the hustle and bustle of your life to enjoy time in your cabin in the woods. You sit there for hours just enjoying the peace and quiet of it all. You have no neighbors, no road noise, and can see nothing but wilderness and wildlife for miles. 

It Sounds peaceful, serene, and a place where family memories and rest can be enjoyed for a LONG time.

Now let’s come back to reality. Unfortunately, you realize that this is still just a dream, but it doesn’t have to be that way for long! 

It sounds like what you might be looking for is a cabin that can be built in the great unknown of the woods or lake. Just like all of the adventures you have had so far in life, they started as a dream before they were able to become a reality.  

Let’s talk about how purchasing a portable cabin could be a fantastic means of achieving this dream.

portable cabin in michigan

How long does it take to get to my cabin?

We have already figured out that you have been looking for a cabin. However, you may have gotten lost in all the muck and mire of what a traditional builder is trying to offer you. While the builder can offer great customization, what they are not able to do is get your job done quickly.

If time is a big concern to you, and you know you do not want to be on some waiting list that takes years and years to finally get what you have been wanting, a portable cabin can greatly speed up the process

Get you to your dream cabin this year, not in years! From start to finish our portable cabins can be created and on your property quickly! Usually within weeks, not months or years! (Call us for more specific details about our lead time as the supply chain supply can vary these times).

Having said that a quick solution isn’t a good solution if you don’t like your cabin. So lets talk about some of those differences.

portble cabin near hersey michigan

What is the difference between a Portable Cabin and a traditional cabin?

So when you hear the words portable cabin what comes to your mind? 

A tent, a luxury camper, or maybe even glamping?

While we don’t blame you for letting your mind go there, portable cabins are much different from that. 

A portable cabin is a cabin that is built on a skid foundation that is similar to a shed. However, unlike a normal shed, our portable cabins include the ability to have a lofted area for sleeping as well as a porch to allow for enjoying those evening sunsets and morning sunrises. Imagine having your cabin in the woods let you see the sunrise like you never have before.

A traditional cabin will take years to build out the way you want it and will require a substantial foundation. However, our portable cabins do not require that kind of foundation commitment by any means. Our portable cabins actually do best when placed on a gravel pad to allow for the appropriate drainage. Gravel foundations are not costly to install. Site prep has some great resources on installing a gravel pad.

portable cabin with loft near grawn michigan

Key Points To Think about before Buying a portable cabin

As an educated consumer, you want to weigh the pros and cons of the bigger purchases in life. When you are trying to build your cabin in the woods you are wanting it to be of the highest quality and customization options. 

A portable cabin built by a reputable builder should offer the following advantages for design:

Totally customizable building options

1. Size options

Everyone will have different needs for their sizing, and every builder will be different. For example, at Quality Structures, our sizes are from 8×12 all the way up to 16×48 feet. If you are in need of something larger than 800 square feet, you will probably have to go with a traditional stick-built cabin.

2. Color Options

When getting a portable cabin, make sure that you work with a builder who can get you the color you need. Your setting is not cookie-cutter, so your cabin should not be either.

3. Window and Door placement options 

Every piece of land is different, so make sure you are working with a responsive builder who will let you choose the exact layout and design of your cabin when it comes to where you place the doors and windows.

4. Quality of Building Standards

Whether we are talking about the roof or the framing, only go with a portable cabin builder who is building your cabin solidly according to residential building standards. An example of this, is ensuring that the studs are placed 16 inch on the center.

By offering all of these high-quality options not only do you have the ability to design what you want but you can get it faster than you ever thought possible. 

Where can I take my portable Cabin?

portable cabin used at lake front in michigan

Our cabins can go wherever you want to take them!

So long as you look into your zoning laws we can get your cabin to wherever you like! (Our typical range is within 50 miles of Hersey, MI but we can and often do go further than that.)

Your portable can be literally in the middle of the woods or at a nice lakefront. Perhaps you want your primary residence as an Air B&B or guest house. One of the great things about a portable cabin is that it is relatively easy to move it if you do not like where it is.

In preparing for your cabin in the woods, we really recommend checking out this video as it will give you a step by step instructions on how to get your site ready for delivery

Portable Cabin Styles in Michigan

Whether you want a backyard retreat or a small cabin by the lake, our cabin sheds are an outstanding, affordable, and beautiful option for you.  They are Amish-built, using the best materials available. Go ahead and browse these small portable cabin models that we offer.  You can get that relaxing cozy cottage you’ve been dreaming of… pick your cabin style and get a quote today!

Lofted Cabin

When wanting to have some extra space for sleeping quarters or a built-in deer blind to your cabin the Lofted cabin model will make a spectacular addition to any property. Beautifully constructed to last harsh winters and beautiful summers this portable cabin could be just what you are looking for.

lofted cabin for sale in hersey michigan

Bayfront Lofted Cabin

Are you looking for a cottage feel with a sweeping porch? The Bayfront Lofted Cabin offers you the benefit of a lofted area for storage or sleeping quarters while giving you the ability to enjoy the sunrise or sunset on the porch.

bayfront lofted portable cabin for sale near millington mi

Side Lofted Cabin

Do you have a beautiful clearing or space that is wide but is not too deep? Maybe it looks out over the hillside or is a waterfront area. The side lofted cabin offers a wide variety of usages as it is wide and has a portion of it that is set up as garage space. Imagine being able to get your favorite spot and keep all your hobby equipment there? Kayaking and 4-wheeling just became that much easier!

side porch lofted cabin for sale in grawn michigan

Bayfront Cabin

Are you wanting to make lasting memories of playing board games or having a place for an amazing personal library? The Bayfront cabin gives you the bump out to make a nook for something like this very easy and covered with windows that will provide you with the natural light you have always wanted. Featuring a cottage-inspired porch, you will love this portable cabin no matter if you are indoors or outdoors.

bayfront portable cabin for sale in michigan

Side Porch Cabin

Are you wanting to have a cabin that can house all the “toys” yet lets people enjoy watching the surroundings from the porch? A side porch cabin may be just what you are looking for! A great place to store the snowmobiles, ATVs, and kayaks for your next adventure all while allowing for others to enjoy porch sitting and conversation. 

side porch cabin for sale near imlay city mi

Is there a certain delivery range for your cabins? 

Maybe you have landed on our page and you are wondering if you are able to have one of our wonderful cabins in your wooded area.

We are located in Hersey, Michigan and our delivery range is 50 miles from our shop. We can go further than this.

Our delivery fee is charged at a rate of $3 per a mile. 

Taking The Next Step…

As you come to the end of this article you may start to think that a portable cabin in the woods is exactly what you are looking for. We have been building cabins just like these at Quality Structures for well over a decade.  So stop by one of our dealer locations or display lots to see them in person! 

If you are more interested in getting started on your cabin in the woods project go ahead and fill out our FREE quote form online. At Quality Structures, we always want to be putting you one step closer to the dreams you have becoming the reality you have always wanted.

Where can I see your Portable Cabins?

When you are ready to purchase your portable cabin, you can find display cabins located in multiple places throughout the greater Michigan area. Take a look at our dealer and display lot locations

Dealer Locations

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2175 M-21
Owosso, MI 48867

Display Lot Locations

Wellston Lot

17262 Caberfae Hwy,
Wellston, MI 49689

Mancelona Lot

3708 Doerr Rd,
Mancelona, MI 49659

Millington Lot

6748 M-15
Millington, MI 48746

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Rockford, MI 49341

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